Ron Knight x 2: How Did We Get Here?–HELD OVER

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I’m psyched to present a new installation by Ron Knight and his son Ron Knight III, opening next week for Tremont ArtWalk (10/14). Ron was one of the first artists I showed at Mastroianni Photography and Arts back in 2009–his work is provocative, confident, and filled with humor and depth. We’re looking forward to his new installation!

Ron’s show, accompanied by his son Ron III, share artistic work in a collaborative effort. In Ron’s contribution you are asked to touch, sense and place your experience within his work. He urges you to become part of the awareness.

Travel with the artist on this journey, to the places you have narrowed your thought, or expanded it, sometimes a place within that you did not even know had a reaction or emotion. Ron is asking you…… “How did we get here?”

This exhibition will run from October through January of 2012, evolving with each Artwalk opening. Join us for receptions on Friday, October 14th, November 11, December 9, and January 13th.

Mastroianni arts Ron Knight

Gilbert Hernandez contemplates

We the People-interactive installation

Ron Knight II

Ron Knight III

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